The inspired soundtrack for FieldNotes Hong Kong, features Plutonic Lab's field recordings & sounds captured on location. These sounds have been masterfully woven into his percussive electronic soundtrack style & pressed onto limited edition RED 10 inch vinyl contained in a back sleeve of the book.

Record specifications and track outline

10 inch red vinyl consisting of 6 original tracks

1. Kowloon Taxi (2:50)
Detached radio voices of the frantic Kowloon taxi service at night.

2. Tsim Sha Tsui Subway (2:16)
The bustling subways of Hong Kong have their own electronic soundtrack

3. Deep Water Bay (3:00)
A lonely afternoon at Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong Island. An impression of 60’s instrumental records of East Asia.

1. Hungry Ghost (3:26)
During “Ghost Festival”, the deceased are believed to visit the living. The sounds of live street ceremonies in Staunton Street.

2. Erhu Player in Sheung Wan (1:36) 
An elderly busker battles the constant din of the bustling city.

3. Markets, Records & Tapes (2:30)
Dusty records and cassettes found in Lok Ku Road antique shops & Sham Shui Po.