Fieldnotes - The second Issue!

We have some great news! we are currently getting the second issue - "Fieldnotes - Japan" underway. We have made some awesome changes to the format, but more on that later!

We have only 30 copies of the first issue left, which we have on sale at the moment as we need to clear them out to make room for the new issue!


Advance book copy!

We have received the advance copy of Fieldnotes - Hong Kong and it's great! We couldn't be happier with the quality of the paper stock, binding and printing. After a short delay due a blizzard detaining the cover stock on a truck on the side of the road it's now on the boat on it's way to Melbourne!
We are also waiting on the vinyl from France, it's taking longer then we expected but we wanted the best, and sometimes the best takes a long time!
For a limited time only we are offering a special pre-sale price of $90. You can order it here -

Please note that delivery is estimated to me end of March.


We have received the test pressing of the record and it sounded great - approved and now it's being pressed.
We have also been working very hard with T-world on the design of the book, it too is now on the presses and we expect to receive a forward copy next week!

Recording, Collecting & Creating

Creating the soundtrack for fieldnotes in pictures.

From using the Rode ixy microphone attached to my iphone to record sounds in the field, collecting records from a flat in Sham Shui Po (Home of vinyl hero Paul Au Tak-shing) to digging for cassette tapes in the secondhand stores around Lok Ku Road.

All these sources eventually made it back to my home studio in Melbourne where the process of making sense of sounds I collected and creating the soundtrack takes place.
I tried to either represent a place I had recorded or signify some element of Hong Kong's culture.

The final part of the process was mastering the audio with Joseph Carra at Crystal Mastering, the final stage before sending the soundtrack of to be made into a vinyl record.

Major Sponsors

A huge thanks to Olympus Imaging Australia for being our major corporate sponsor! We are stoked to have them supporting Fieldnotes as well as making the camera that has inspired me and that I shot the whole book with.

We would also like to say a big thankyou to and Daniel Burke who are Corporate Sponsors of Fieldnotes.